Trades Own Strategy Badge (TOS)

Trades Own Strategy Badge (TOS)

Choose from two different ways to obtain the TOS badge for your strategy.

BrokerTransmit Program

AutoTrade your own strategy - Instructions to earn badge

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    • AutoTrade your own strategy - Instructions to earn badge

      Earn the Trades-Own-Strategy (TOS) Badge  Collective2 makes a special effort to promote trading strategies which are AutoTraded by the Trade Leader. We call this the TOS Program. We want you to join. Benefits of participating Strong ...
    • What's not included when counting signals for TOS?

      When trades are joined due to "synchronization" (i.e. when there is a limit order for example where you do not get filled immediately, but rather are converted-to-market to stay in sync with the strategy) then we cannot attribute that particular ...
    • Where do I find a list of TOS?

      The Grid can show the systems that have the TOS badge. See here If you do not see the TOS column in your current view, click the wrench icon under the instruments tab then select it from the list.  
    • AutoTrade Setting - Join Trades in Progress

      When you are setting up AutoTrade for a new strategy, you will be asked whether or not you want to JOIN the open positions in progress. Join When AutoTrading is enabled, existing open positions in the system will be synced to your brokerage account ...
    • How does my strategy qualify for the Featured Strategy spot?

      Strategy developers that want to increase awareness of their strategy can pay a small sponsorship fee to appear in our "Featured Strategy" spot. In order to maintain the quality of the Collective2 site, a strategy must meet minimum standards to be ...