How does my strategy qualify for the Featured Strategy spot?

How does my strategy qualify for the Featured Strategy spot?

Strategy developers that want to increase awareness of their strategy can pay a small sponsorship fee to appear in our "Featured Strategy" spot.

In order to maintain the quality of the Collective2 site, a strategy must meet minimum standards to be eligible to appear in the Featured Strategy section on the Dashboard.

  • It must have more than five trades.
  • The strategy must be older than 36 hours on Collective2.
  • The strategy must be profitable to date.


You will be able to choose the length of time you want to feature your strategy.

7 days is $199 (about $28 per day)

30 days is $250 (about $8 per day) - This is the best deal!


All featured systems are rotated so that they are displayed exactly the same number of times in an even random distribution to all people.
The current design is: We show a new featured system each time the page is loaded.

Get Started

From your strategy detail page: Manage -> Market your strategy -> Feature this Strategy.


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